Session Notes: 9/17/2017, 10/8/17 and 10/22/17

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Session Notes: 9/17/2017, 10/8/17 and 10/22/17 Empty Session Notes: 9/17/2017, 10/8/17 and 10/22/17

Post by Tasslon on Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:40 pm

Session Notes: 9/17/2017, 10/8/17 and 10/22/17

Castle Korvosa: First Floor:

A37. Mess Hall

The first round, Jul Lak'Tal transformed into a huge earth elemental and attacked the group. He was killed by the devils after they summoned 2 barbed devils. Someone placed a blade barrier blocking room 9/17/2017 A39. Public Parlor, Leon, Fayrin, Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, Jim Stern "Grumpy ol' Jim", Ryuka and the solar angel are in room 39. Gard summoned angels and Jim summoned angel in this room. 9/17/2017 Togomor summoned 2 fiendish dire bears. Togomor then cast delayed fireball, horrid wilting, clashing Rocks.

10/8/17 5th round/ Summon Monster VII, I’m summoning advanced fiendish 3 rust monsters. 6th round/ chain lightning bolt 20d6 +10 at golem and Ryuka (DC: 28) Save: Reflex half SR: Yes. 7th round/ Waves of Exhaustion Cast Save: No, Range: 60 ft., SR: Yes, Effect:  Waves of negative energy cause all living creatures in the spell's target to become exhausted. Target Area:   Cone-shaped burst. 8th round/ teleported.

Session Notes: 10/22/17. After a few rounds of attacks and spells Togomor and his familiar where killed.

Session Notes: 10/8/17
The Yallops Barbed devils 3, killed one of Gard’s summoned creatures.  They teleported into room A40 to attack the golem and summoned creatures.  Jim in a heroic act grabbed the Serithtial sword he banished 2 of the devil back home.

Morale As soon as one of the Yallops is reduced to 20 hit points or less, or if one of them feels the holy bite of Serithtial’s blade (“Yaaa! Yallops, it hurts like heaven!”), the barbed devils’ bravery collapses and they teleport to Sermignatto’s side in area A59. I failed the first attempt.

Session Notes: 10/22/17.  

Castle Korvosa: First Floor:
A44. Seneschal’s Apartment: Possessed (Ex) Togomor is possessed by the bdellavritra
devil Sermignatto. This grants the devil a constant status effect and allows Sermignatto to control Togomor from any distance as a free action as if Togomor were dominated.
He can also experience Togomor’s surroundings via the bloatmage’s senses by concentrating. The possession cannot be ended by dispel magic, but a protection from evil or similar effect cast upon Togomor disrupts the possession if the protection effect persists, and a dispel
evil or dispel law cast on Togomor ends the possession immediately. If the possession persists, Togomor is immune to all other mind-affecting effects.

Development: If Togomor is slain, a strange smile of relief spreads on his face—if able, he speaks a few dying words: “Thank you.…” So long a slave of the devil, Togomor doesn’t quite realize he’s only escaped one torment for an eternity of another in Hell.


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