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Session Notes: 11/5/2017 Empty Session Notes: 11/5/2017

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ADVENTURE PATH PART  6 Curse of the Crimson Throne Crown of Fangs

Session Notes: 11/5/2017

Castle Korvosa: Keep Ground Floor

The ground floor of the keep is encased in massive walls. Except for the chapel, only a few arrow slits let natural light inside, so most of the rooms are illuminated
by lamps containing continual flames.

A12. Main Entrance Stairs (EL 10)

A wide flight of stairs trails upward along the side of the castle, passing under the gatehouse archway and arriving at a square landing before turning right to reach the main entrance gate. A direct approach up the main stairs is the best way to ensure that the PCs attract the attention of numerous castle defenders at once. Five Gray Maidens stationed in area A54
keep vigil at all hours of the day and night. In addition, Togomor (killed) has placed a permanent alarm spell on the stairs here. If either the alarm or the Gray Maidens raise the alert, Togomor begins casting preparatory spells as detailed in area A44 before the dimensions doors into area A45 to “greet” the PCs as detailed in that encounter area. The Gray Maidens in area A54 wait for the PCs to enter A26 before beginning their attack. If the PCs bypass A26, perhaps by flying or climbing up to area A45, the Gray Maidens instead begin attacking through the arrow slits at once.

A13. Chapel (EL 12)

The large wooden doors that open into the chapel from the exterior are locked with an arcane lock spell (CL 14th) placed by Togomor. The decoration of this large chamber is dense and elaborate, with numerous tapestries hanging from the walls and two long pews facing a small pulpit. In a niche in the middle of the southwest wall stands a marble statue of a tall man, arms held wide as if to welcome his flock. The two windows are tall and large, and feature
stained-glass, full-figure images of the same man. Heavy layers of dust cover everything, and cobwebs hang thick in the corners. The man in the stained glass and depicted by the statue
is the dead god Aroden? Originally meant to offer guidance to lower-class postulants, this locale has seen less and less use since several actual temples arose in the city proper. With Aroden’s death, this chapel fell even further into disuse, and with Ileosa’s claim as monarch, even the
monthly cleanings and airings have ceased.

A14. Fountain Chamber

Faded tapestries hang from the walls of this room. An empty, semicircular stone basin stands against the southeast wall, while a low bench sits against the southwestern wall. The door to the stairwell is locked; the stairs beyond ascend to area A40.

A15. Epochal Tower Stairs

This major flight of stairs is the foundation of the castle’s tallest tower. They ascend from this point all the way to the fourth floor, with landings at every floor in between.

A16. Laundry

The air in this room smells of soap and lavender. A large washbasin dominates the southeastern part of the room, while elsewhere numerous benches, racks for drying clothes, and
chairs decorate the floor and walls. A cold fireplace sits against the opposite wall. This room was used as a laundry (and occasionally as a tailor/dressmaker’s shop) and contains all the tools and
raw materials of the trade.

A17. Lower Guardroom (EL 13)

This spacious guardroom contains a large fireplace, a central table, and numerous armor and weapon racks (all of which are empty). Creatures: The guardians of this level of the castle,
placed here by Sermignatto at Ileosa’s request, are six erinyes devils. The devils spend much of their time here, idly chatting or tormenting poor victims given to them by the Gray Maidens from the numerous dissidents, vagrants, and other rabble-rousers taken off the streets of Korvosa. The erinyes have become quite skilled at preserving the lives of their victims, but invariably the
poor souls eventually expire, whereupon the remains are fed to the dragon Zarmangarof. It’s been a few days since the erinyes have had a plaything, and they are now dangerously bored.
Roll 1d6 to determine how many erinyes are in this room when the PCs enter, adjusting the result as necessary to account for devils the PCs might have defeated already. Erinyes not present are patrolling this floor of the castle. Once combat begins, the erinyes use telepathy to alert any of their sisters, who arrive via teleport on their initiative roll the next round. At the same time, the erinyes quickly alert all other defenders in the castle, in the same manner, putting the entire structure on full alert.

Erinyes (5), 3 failed the save by Jim as they were a holy aura. They tried to teleport blind and deaf. The rest were killed by the party.

A18. Justice Chamber (EL 14)

This large chamber smells of seasoned, well-oiled wood. It contains an elongated table with four wooden armchairs on one side and a single stool on the other. Several tortures implement in good working order, including a rack, an iron maiden, and a cumbersome pulley machine, are neatly arranged near the walls, together with a wide range of crafty restraining devices. Only with Togomor’s appointment as castle seneschal did the justice-chamber gain its macabre collection of torture instruments. Before, this was a much more innocuous interrogation chamber, and Ileosa’s personal methods of extracting information tend toward enchantment magic.

Creature: One of Togomor’s triumphs guards this chamber: a cruel and hateful construct known as an akaruzug. This golem-like creature stands against the southwestern wall, motionless and appearing to be little more than a grisly frame for Ishani’s body, which is crucified on the monster. The akaruzug begins to move once the PCs enter the room, and as it lurches to life, Ishani’s dead body begins to scream in mindless pain.


Development: Ishani is quite dead, but if the PCs restore the Abadarian priest to live, he has little to reveal to them about the castle and its occupants that they don’t already know and asks only to be escorted back out of the castle, so he can start the process of recovering from his ordeal.

A19. South Prison Room

Five cramped-looking cages stand in the northwest half of this room. Each cage is empty.
Each of the cages is empty and unlocked; Togomor has the keys, and he might place PC or NPC prisoners in here once he finishes torturing them for information. The cages themselves are quite sturdy and well-constructed. Picking the lock to a cage requires a DC 30 Open Lock check, while
breaking one open is a DC 28 Strength check.

A20. North Prison Room

Five cramped-looking cages stand in the northwest half of this room. In one of them is a long-dead corpse of a man. This room is like area A19, but the cage containing the body is locked. The body belonged to one Gaveten Veen, the castle jailer. Ileosa found it amusing to keep him locked up here, a victim of his own cages, for many months. The man went insane and eventually starved here after he was forgotten. In life, Gaveten was a 4th-level expert if speak with dead is used on his body (or if he’s brought back to life), he has little he can tell the PCs that they don’t already know.

A21. Jailer’s Room

This room contains a bed, a chair, a desk, a chest of drawers, and a lamp, and is in a pitiful state of disarray. Once occupied by the keep’s jailer, this room hasn’t been used in months.

A22. Ground Floor Lavatory

This lavatory was used by the jailer, the guards, and the prisoners. It contains two latrines and a tub with water but is otherwise unremarkable. A gaseous or Fine creature could enter this room via a soil pipe from area A23.

A23. Garderobe Shaft

Soil pipes from throughout the castle carry away waste from various Garderobes and deposit the waste in this shaft, which is periodically cleaned from the outside by the castle servants. The lead pipes that connect this shaft to the various toilets on the floors above present a foul but unguarded entrance into the castle, but their 2-inch diameter makes this route
unlikely for anyone not in gaseous form or of Fine size.

A24. Wood Storage

This storage room contains an orderly stack of firewood, a dozen small kegs of tallow, and numerous flasks of oil. The secret door in the southeast wall can be discovered
with a DC 25 Search check; the stairs beyond lead down to area A6 and up to area A34.

25. Cellar

Empty wine racks line the walls of this wine cellar, while three large kegs sit on the floor. Treasure: While most of the wine once stored here is long gone, a few samples of the finest Varisian and Chelaxian spirits remain here, including three bottles of 20-year-old
“Cayden’s Gab” brandy. Each bottle is worth 200gold pieces.


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