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 Keith’s wtf group session notes Empty Keith’s wtf group session notes

Post by Tasslon on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:04 am

Keith’s wtf group
James, rat-folk ninja, Skivvn.
Jason, kobold rogue, Silak,
Ari:  tiefling, hunter, Ninori
Jacob:  Aasimar Blood rage,
George: Dampier Druid, Joseph shmoo.
Ed: yellow skinned human, 6’1’’, well built. Darthmortisk.
Brennon and Aryn; Alchemist, halfings,  

Ray Bennington: Dragak: Gorum, Chaotic Evil, Fighter Hobgoblin / Humanoid Medium /  6' 4" / 276 lbs. Darkvision (60 ft.), Male, eyes orange, hair bald, AGE , SPEED 20 feet.  

(DM trait; craft armor, tribal blacksmith.) 3 days march from, head east. I am a survivor form a failed attack on an elf village.

New information, 11/20/2016,
Cave: Items; Ray, James, George and Ed has bark skin 4 , james has cloak of resistance +1, George has, 17 arrows of animal pain, Ray has ring of protection +1.  
We are in the area of Ustalva.
The priest room 42 silver, 2 master works, heals kits. 10 elves.  2 masterworks padded, 2 masterwork star knives, holy symbols Desina.  
We freed Jacob’s character; we killed all priest and acolytes very violently. We defiled the rooms.

We went there the portal after I gave into the madness and touched the artifact orb that we were looking. This new world maybe and it had an weird looking creature we killed.

We have battled the new party, but we know that we are working together. We encountered 2 mulit armored creatures.  
Aboraint spider blood,
Cherin shells 3
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