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¬Session Notes
Day 3: day: Sandara is dreaming bad and on fire hot, was not
Day 4: I got Barefoot Samms Toppin (Human Female) – rigger friendly. Jason, Jacob, James and I made checks successfully. More Chelish Brandy for the quartermaster Cut-Throat Grok (Half-Orc Female) - quartermaster and officer and she will give use our gear. Ratline" Rattsberger (Halfling Male) – rigger Attitude: friend, Ari got. 6 dire rats in the bilge Jason got bit by rats; Jacob cast magic for first time. Everyone got gears.
Day 5: Ari, Crimson “Cog” Cogward (Human Male) – swab, got Attitude: In deferent. Jacob no influence and got daily check. James gave her an almost full bottle, and gets the potion of bark skin. Jason works diligent as runner, fed owl bear. I did not influence. Jason and owl bear fought and won fairly. Ari cast a spell, and got caught and is lashed. Jason got, Owl bear Hartshorn (Human Male) - "pet" of Mr. Plugg and officer, Attitude: friendly.
Day 6: raining little lightening, I had bilges and rocked it, "Badger" Medlar (Half-Elf Female) – swab, Attitude: friendly. Jason works diligently and kills rats successfully. James is to fish again and get it done very well. Jacob crow’s nest all day and he was not enough to get hostile dwarf. Ari rigger job today and was successful and gets Crimson “Cog” Cogward (Human Male) – swab Attitude: friendly.
Day 7: storming hard and rocked, -2 rigging checks. Ari runner working diligently. Jacob is a main sail rigging work hard. 29 people - 9 people friendly. James is drunk with good rum cook fatigued 8 hours goes to Cutthroat, and gives her good rum. Jason works diligently and failed the roll, and to climb up but is good. I work diligently and good to get. Storm is coming. Jacob is talking to quarter master and not present. Jason gets these sick.

Session 11/15/2015
Day8: The storm hits; early bell tolling, the Cut-Throat Grok (Half-Orc Female) - quartermaster and officer getting punished for drinking/ stealing captain’s alcohol. 12 lashes and no longer quarter master. New quarter master Kipper. Kipper (Human Male) - gunner's mate is the man who drugged me with Port Peril. The main mast most of us, and very hard conditions. Mr. Plugg commands us riggers all night. I fell and took damage but successful in repairs. Jason failed and is fatigued. Jacob, well on checks. Ari fatigued and failed, James made all check.
Second shift, man overboard James used a rope and swam to, "Ratline" Rattsberger (Halfling Male) – rigger I am fatigued. Jason and Jacob and I helped.

Day 9: storming conditions. Checks -2 Day 10 we managed checks successful from. I got Tilly Brackett (Human Female) – swab friendly. Jacob bought fiddle. We made use those who friendly and helpful.
Day 11: clear weather, Jack almost fully recovered. The eye is finished. Crabs for dinner. James kills his reef claw, Jason Ari hurt James hurt he killed air reef claw, Jacob killed his. We killed all reef claws. And got the meat. 8 extra crabs. Cases from the captain, 2 potions cure moderate potions.
Day 12: Extra ration rum. Day to get the night of day left coast.
Day 13: back to sea. Very hot day, Boarding school. Riaris Krine (Human Female) - master gunner, tester. Jacob and Ari. James was the best the exercise and I where successful; Jason failed and got 6 rope bashes.

Session 11.22.2015
Day: 14, hot very hot. Jason weapon taken job in bilges and two pirates are Slippery Syl Lonegan (Human Female) – rigger and Jaundiced Jape (Half-Orc Male) – swab draw daggers and attack Jason. Jason defeated Jaundiced and Slippery fled. Mr. Pugg and Master Scourge, had Jaundiced in the sweat box. Leather armor in bilges. Jason pissed literally on Jaundiced. No one fatigued. Rum rations. We spot a ship. Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop (Human Male) - ship's cook and officer 3 days sober.
Day 15: We spot a ship. Merchant ship. We should over take the ship tomorrow. We are helping attack The Man’s Promise. The battle had us in a fog cloud which kept us alive. I used color spray to knockout a few. Jason hurt and killed and few. Jason also bull rushed the Lieutenant’s guard into the Lieutenant and the Lieutenant fell over board and was eaten by a shark. Ari hurt and used her voice to help with the battle. Jacob made it across the rope and hurt people and made Jason large. James made it across the rope and was a healing woman after damage and tried to use her water power but the fog made it hard. Ed made sure his crew not dead but was knocked out by the color spray. Gary was a bullseye with the pistol. Kipper was the pirate who set The Man’s Promise on fire and something exploded but he was burned badly by that act. I tried to get the map from Kipper but no luck.
Day16: 1 day and half. Party with the new ships my rewards, 250 gold pieces’ coins.

Session 1/10/16:
Day 18: New ship, new destination Port Peril - 36 hours for partying. He takes us Southeast not to Port Peril. Jacob on rat duty, successful. Ed in bilges successful. Ari cleaning deck good job. Running Supplies with Gary and good job. Storm clouds are gathering. Food Ration and rum ration. Night time no games.
Day 19: Gary failed hard time Rose helped with task. Ed repairing sails good job. Ed passed on information about below deck damage to Master scourge. Ray lifting things. Ari swabbing good job. Jacob, rats catching good.
Day 20: storming heavy. Ship rolling. The door is not latching. Ed and Gary and a few NPC where helping secure the latch on the door. Ash, Ari and I went onto the top side to get supplies. Ash noticed that the main mast was still open and we watched mast fall of the side. A creature called the Grindlows pulled Rose, Jack and others overboard. Ash and I secured the main mast we were surrounded by the Grindlows. Ed, Ari, Gary went jumped overboard and with Ed and Gozreh power helped them across the water. Ash, James and I fought the creatures and were trying to save a sleeping Ern. The mainmast was finally pulled over and almost hit Ash.
Some of the Grindlows fled the rest we killed. Before we escaped the last mast few when lightening hit it. We were then rescued by Gozreh power placed on the island.
Day 21: I understand we are wrecked on a coral reef on Bone Wrack Isle. We were knocked out for two days and got bad sun burn. We were attacked again by the Grindlows after waking up from a very peace filled dream. The ship is still trap and will be sinking soon unless we fix the ship. Our main goal is to find our missing friends.

Session notes 1/24/2016:

Day 23: We were knocked out for two days on Bone Wrack Isle. We went fishing 4 days, 16 rations for fishes, Aeomen added his potions, 90 days’ trails, and everyone gets 11 rations and 2 for fishes. Watched heard girl laughing.
Watches: Ash and I on 1st shift, Aeomen, Loralynn and Gary on second watch, 3rd watch Aeomen and Sandara.
Day 24: Gary and I are following the SW path 30 mins watch out for sand burrs, if follow the hills can avoid many, Ash and Sandara are now together on the same path. The burrs from the patch are poisoned natural. A wooden structure 40ft by 40ft. We found at the structure light from the under the door something blocking light, Conchobhar Shortstone, Ambrose Kroop (Ship's Cook), Fipps Chumlett (Boatswain's Mate), Condrad, there are 4 inside. The building has furniture, cooking gear, ammo, skeleton hanging from the room, trap door couch over. The undead took Rose the cleric. Everyone is at the stockade, Aeomen and Loralynn, Ern.
Erin Ivey is the name of the person who hanged themselves.
Ash got attacked by smarm of flies, we got creative and killed the swarm, rum and fire and black power and killed the swarm.
Marching order; Ash, Aeomen, Sandara, Merrick, Loralynn, Gary.

The stockade lower level, smell worst, 3 ghouls, I casted protection verse evil and mage armor, Ash cast spell, a ghast is in the area I drew the claws for the first time. We killed the ghast.
We found cells made from rest of party. All have people located.

Session notes 2/7/2016:
Day24: cont.…
Aeomen, Ari, Gary and Sandara are going to the ship to get Sandara Quinn cleric holy symbol. Heard women crying and were attacked by 3 ghouls near the village. Ari has ghoul fever after attack and Aeomen has ghoul fever after battle.
The ship was being pulled away from the reef. Aeomen and Sandara weigh anchor to stop ship and get the holy symbol.
You hear human voices on ship, male voices, and Ratline and Jack scrimshaw, Owlbear at the wheel. They claim they are the only ones on the ship.
Ash is at the stockade.
I and Ambrose are getting water.

Day: 25. Everyone still under ghoul fever. Rosie is speaking for first time. At night, we saw Shivikah walk toward the mountain.
The owl brought Ms. Quinn the symbol.
Ash has his sword now.
We are following Sandara, huge old tree that looks old and a large tent that can be used for new sail.
We fought 6 ghouls a flying swarm.

Session 3/6/2016.
Day 25 cont.…
Missions and goals; these are listed in no order and are merely guidelines for the group.

Discover the outcome and status of the remainder of the crew of the Man's Promise. Save those that can be saved. Decide the fate of those afflicted with ghoul fever.

Cure Ern of his affliction, and possibly work on a cure for the crew afflicted with ghoul fever

Explore the rest of the island(Points of interest): mountain top at the north-eastern most point of the island(hereto referred as the 'the first' by some of the crew), the mire and the strange tree with a tent tied to it that Sandara discovered, the crop field to the east of the stockade, the shipwreck off the south-western coastline in the reef, the whereabouts of the grindylow hideout(as yet to be discovered).

Salvage and repair the ship to escape this cursed island.

Decide on the new captain, who then must decide all the ship positions (first-mate, quartermaster, master gunner and perhaps a gunner's mate, boatswain and perhaps boatswain's mate, master-at-arms, cook, ship surgeon/carpenter, ship lookouts, sailing master, riggers and swabs) DM recommends not assigning all of the major roles to we s. Typically, all of these positions minus the lookouts, swabs and riggers are considered officers and are deserving of an additional share of plunder/loot.

Before the new crew will fully accept the new captain and officers, loot/plunder rules must be set and adhered to. Rum rations must be decided upon as well.

Session 3/6/2016.
Day 26?
Round for corn field, every stack 3 is 4 corn talks. 3 rounds of harvest,
Corn field combat; ankheg, Ern and Ash missed the spot and fell into a hole.
1 ankheg shell 25 pounds. Bloody dirt in mound. Tunnel, mangled foot, Skivia dead, missing legs. Gear; necklace we burnt her body.

The shipwreck off the south-western coastline in the reef, the whereabouts of the grindylow hideout (yet to be discovered). Combat; I cast mage armor on myself, Aeomen, and Ash, Sandara.

Session 3/13/2016.
The shipwreck off the south-western coastline in the reef, the whereabouts of the grindylow hideout (yet to be discovered). Combat; I cast mage armor on myself, Aeomen, and Ash, Sandara.
Grindylow queen lair, we found a wand. I have. There are normal grind lows on guards and the fish hooks traps.
Gary and Ash got hit by a metal grill that hit Ash and pinned under water Gary.

Session 3/20/2016.
The shipwreck off the south-western coastline in the reef, the whereabouts of the grindylow hideout. Combat; I cast mage armor on myself, Aeomen, and Ash, Sandara.
Grindylow queen lair, we found a wand. I have. There are normal grind lows on guards and the fish hooks traps.
Gary and Ash got hit by a metal grill that hit Ash and pinned under water Gary. Gary was made stable by Aeomen; Ash gave him the air through magic item. The party is helping to get lift the grill off Gary.
Devil fish is fighting Sandara and Ern because the rest are helping Gary. Ern very hurt Sandara poised and near death.
In a battle against the Grindylow queen, the Grindylow, the Whale, the undead, the octopus, we were a battle of almost kills. Ash near death had his sword almost drop it in the water, but the sword healed him, a new power. Ash then destroyed the green orb, and it freed Ern from the curse. We saved only one of our friends but sadly we could not get to the only one in time.
We discovered loot.
Wand – summon nature 2 – 11 charges.
Scroll case, not magic,
Harpoon of ventendatines,
Tusk map.

Session 4/24/2016.
Day 1, many infected NPC and we are almost over the ghoul fever.
We are all resting in the stockade now that the grindylow green and threat are dealt with. And send some of the heathy to the ship.
Day2 – two more need to get one more save.
Next task the sunken ship, ship wreck.
The Inferiors Ship: We found rope sailing and other supplies, 3 bottles fine perfume 15 gold, large chop sticks, 3 wax sealed jug, the writing is gone. An advanced Eel is hurt bad Aeomen. We killed the eel.
The mountain; top view, this is the fist. The view of the entire island, there is a beacon, trees branches and timbres. Old vines brought from other location, 6 torches pair of tuber twig.
Day3: completed the training repairs and all are not sick.

Book 2: 7/3/16
Rickety’s Squibs, N village, Corruption –1; Crime –2; Economy +0; Law –4; Lore +0; Society –1, Qualities insular, tourist attraction (ship squibbing), Danger +0; Disadvantages drought-stricken, DEMOGRAPHICS Government autocracy, Population 77 (63 humans, 14 halflings) Notable NPCs Chief Shipwright and Proprietor Rickety Hake (N old male human expert 7) Lookout Lyle Godwin died in wasp attack on town (N male human warrior 3) Steward Chandra Bristlewick (N female human druid 5). stlewick (N female human druid 5).

MARKETPLACE; Base Value 600 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 3rd Minor Items +1 leather armor, masterwork breastplate, +1 silver quisarme, circlet of persuasion, wand of cure light wounds (29 charges); Medium Items +2 light wooden shield, potion of fox’s cunning; Major Items —

NOTES; Drought-Stricken: Rickety’s Squibs has been under the effects of a severe drought for the last month.

Not a session I was at. To pass the time, some of the Rickety’s off-duty workers invited us to join in a game of ninepins in the shade of the boathouse. The river’s water nagas have found their favored habitats upriver are drying out, creating pressure on the population as territorial. Rickety’s workers do not join in the fight but do attempt to help by pulling fallen individuals out of the water. If the worker who fell in is saved, Rickety deducts 500 gp from the price of the refitting to thank the we s.

Day after water naga attack. There is a group from the village, plus are group.

A colony of giant wasps, driven from their nests deeper in the jungle by the relentless drought. The sounds of construction attracted their attention, and now they descend upon Rickety’s Squibs by the dozens. Everywhere, the settlement’s residents run for cover as the horse-sized insects dart among them, stinging and dragging those paralyzed away for food. As soon as everyone makes it inside the Commons or one of the other buildings, the wasps no longer pose much of a threat and they eventually fly off along the coast.

Charges; 2 wand mirror images,

The watch tower was not on duty. What happen to the guard?
Rickety’s Squibs, ship make over. Cut the remaining to half. Not back payment. 6 days.
We are taking on new crewman, from here. Two crew and their families and their children 2 wives. They will travel with us to Bone wrack isle. We plan to improve our settlement. We have corn and wheat already, but looking to branch out for more options. We have lime sapling. 5 lime saplings, pigs we need.
Infamy, 4, now 2 infamies for helping the settlement, Infamy = 6
Session – 8/7/16
Experience 10500, 2450 experience = 12950. Keith cat cause his hard copy not to be readable so here are the temporary amounts.
We are heading north tracking the naga presence. After a few days, nothing to report. It appears the drought is causing the weird issues.
Watches; 1st Merrick, Sandara. 2nd; Aeomen, 3rd Gary.
Day 3. Looking for the lost guard at the tower. On the way; boars. Two boars we killed. This watchtower is little more than a covered platform elevated 60 feet atop wooden poles and accessed by a crude stair. Only the covered platform rises above the ridgeline of the headland, obscured from sight by the jungle canopy above. From this platform, one-armed Lyle Godwin lounges in the shade on a rope hammock with his trained parrot, Rotgut, and watches out for incoming vessels. We find many broken rum bottles on the ground below the tower. If we climb the ladder to the tower’s simple wooden platform, they find the twisted remains of a rope hammock and a few scattered items of clothing. Lying beneath the hammock, with one boot on and the other lying across the floor from it, is the corpse of an elderly man. He is recently deceased, and one side of his neck is black and swollen to the size of a melon. A dried ring of foam cakes the man’s beard and moustache around his lips. This sad sight is the mortal remains of the lookout Lyle Godwin. One of the giant wasps discovered him here and attacked.

Treasure: +1 Morningstar where it fell after he used it to drive away the wasp. If we carry Godwin’s body back to Rickety, he allows us to keep the weapon as a reward for checking on the lookout. Was a governor of Port Peril, Hurricane king did not decision, satchel 11 platinum, 25 gold, 83 silvers, 79 coppers. All loot was already given out and Gary has Morningstar.

Session – 8/7/16

My mission; while on the ship in a lightening cloud form Adallon in human form which looked a lot like me appeared only the cloud was spotted by some of the crew. He called be grandson. My grandmother is dead. Adallon is worried for my sister is North West? Island of Motaku Isle my family bloodline back to original dragon ancestor. This is for my sister, but she made my promise to help. (50 experience bonus at character creating for creating a family tree of my current known lineage. Draw it on a separate piece of paper or get creative with it. This will be invaluable as I discover information across the course of the campaign. Find Adallon or discover his fate. Attain the map to the cyclopean ruins in Ghol-Gan and search out the riches. I know the way.
On session 8/14/2016, I learned about the first bloodline discovered. I was told that Adallon is my grandfather. Adallon was killed by an old blue dragon appeared, Cearlean. Adallon body turned into a gem like form preserving the body. Outside of the Rickety’s Squibs town.
Grandmother of father’s side is dead. Update she is recently dead. She is Sabin Adabonston; she has red hair and blue eyes, 5 feet 5 inches and 95 pounds, 47 summers. She is a sorcerer of the Draconic Bloodline and her powers manifested to bronze when she had he son. He is my teacher. She is smart and beautiful. She lost her husband when they were trying to recuse the bronze dragon named Adallon, which was nearly killed by a black dragon. She nursed Adallon back to health and they feel in love. She had her son. After some time, she finally convinced him that she would age and die in front of him. He could not be response for the humans throughout all their life spans. We all wearing finely made bronze dragon tattoos of our backs. Younger sister is living. She is Rebecca Adabonston; she has red and silver mixed hair, short and curly, green eyes, 5 feet 6 inches and 80 pounds, 17 summers. She is beautiful and very talented healer. She loves sailing and traveling the world. She is a free spirit. We all wear finely made bronze dragon tattoos of our backs. She dragon blood manifest through her inner leg and butt. She worships Cayden Cailean and her domains are Travel and Charm.

Session – 8/14/16
Captain Pegsworthy’s Strix arrived unannounced Rickety tells us that he’ll knock 100 gp off the price of their squib if they’ll follow the trail out to the watchtower to check on Lyle Godwin. The trail itself winds through the jungle behind the Commons then follows the knife-edged ridgeline as it climbs along the headland. The way is rocky and steep, overgrown with jungle foliage, and drops precipitously to the cove 50 or more feet below. The man on shore skull and long bow with skull and crossing bones, flying Chelix flags. third a new Infamy threshold.

Unexpected Arrivals After the giant wasps are either driven off or move on, the residents of Rickety’s Squibs come out from cover. Several workers lie on the ground where they fell to the wasps, and a few were carried off by the giant vermin as they headed back into the jungle, but it seems that casualties were lighter than they could have been.

Suddenly, someone shouts an alarm and people once more scatter for cover. A Chelish galleon can be seen anchored in the cove and an armed party is clambering onto the docks from their launch. Normally when the dry dock is already occupied, the lookout at the tower signals to shore and Rickety launches the longboat to meet the incoming ship and advise the crew to return later. The Free Captains are careful to honor Rickety’s requests for privacy to protect the identities of the ships he is working on because they know the same courtesy will be afforded to them. The ship in the cove is the Chelish galleon Strix, recently captured by Free Captain Merrill Pegsworthy and brought to Rickety’s to be squibbed. While those ashore were dealing with the hornets, the Strix entered the cove unnoticed and Captain Pegsworthy and a landing party could row to the docks before anyone realized they had arrived.

Captain Pegsworthy and eight buccaneers are just climbing onto the docks when they are spotted. Once on land, Pegsworthy can see that the dry dock is occupied with a ship currently being squibbed and immediately realizes the jeopardy that he has placed himself in with the ship’s original owner. As a result, he orders his buccaneers to form a defensive semicircle on the dock.
We realize that the Chelish navy would likely not know the location of Rickety’s Squibs, the members of the landing party are not garbed as Chelish marines. Furthermore, even though the landing party has weapons drawn and has taken a defensive stance, a DC 15 Sense Motive check allows us to discern that Pegsworthy’s party is merely wary of attack, not preparing an offensive of its own.

Captain Pegsworthy and his buccaneers maintain their defensive position until addressed for parley or attacked. If we try to parley with Pegsworthy, they find him an amiable sort. He recognizes the Man’s Promise by its distinct Rahadoumi lines and the recent tales of its theft from Barnabas Harrigan. No friend of Harrigan’s, Pegsworthy fully supports the we s’ actions and assures them its secret is safe with him. In fact, he even requests permission to rechristen the vessel when its refitting is completed in the next couple of days. We know that it is considered good luck in the Shackles to have a Free Captain or a noble lady of good family christen a ship. Since such a lady is scarcer than hen’s teeth in the Shackles, a Free Captain like Merrill Pegsworthy is an excellent option. The has rum on the ship.

Session – 8/14/16
New infamy; Aemon performing a Kata, Sandara and Ash helped, 32 on the check. Two more infamy so 8 totals.

The fight. When Adallon left in a hurry, lightning struck the ship, Strix. An old blue dragon appeared, Cearlean. Adallon went underwater. Bigger but about the same age. The blue dragon aura fear, lighten breathe, desert, illusion and electricity. The fight started over the water. Ash, Sandara and captain Peggsworthy helped put out the fire on the Strix. I and Aeomen helped with the villagers’ evacuation of the village. Adallon and the blue dragon moved the fight over the land. Adallon tried to kill the blue dragon by pushing it into the hill sides but the blue dragon killed him, with the same tactics. A dying Adallon told us to go to the Island of Motaku to find my sister. 1 retrieved one blue dragon scale 9 pounds. Adallon body turned into a gem like form preserving the body.

Session 8/28/16
Day 38.
Captain Pegsworthy 6 barrels of rum.
With knowledges: Tide water rock; Captain Stormeyes, 200 years, Bririm =Eye of Virga- with another group. Mutaku – rain forest, swamp lands and marsh, pago peaks, 3 attentive volcanoes, foot hill cannibal tribes. Tiger islands, many deep-water ports, fresh water rivers, sahagin tribes, under water, sahagin coast, sloans, rack tooth town, black cave and villock. Land life and dinosaur, Islands of Musmue - Founded by tagou.
We know that it is considered good luck in the Shackles to have a Free Captain or a noble lady of good family christen a ship. Since such a lady is scarcer than hen’s teeth in the Shackles, a Free Captain like Merrill Pegsworthy is an excellent option. The has rum on the ship.

The flags Chelis, Sargavin, Rahdoim.
Gifts: ivory driving - bronze dragon with a lightening

Session 8/28/16
We are sailing to our island. Day 2 – we spot a lifeboat two people, I think is 2 wear-shark. One got wounded and the two went under water. The life boat has a human with a bite mark, the man is tied with rope.
09/25/16 Session notes; day 41
Aeomen and Ash are guarding the lycanthropy victim from the life boat, in the hold.
Michael, good writing skills, from Sargava, politics. Weeks ago. Does not like Ash last name. FF
I’m learning from Jack how scroll work.
Wedding plans Aeomen. I am Aeomen best man, once we get to the Isle. Gary is creating fireworks.
Sahuagin attack 16: Ravenous and cruel, the sahuagin are, unfortunately, among the most prosperous oceanic races. Great cities raised by these creatures darken the deep ocean trenches, and many are the near-coastal fortresses where they launch endless raids against their air-breathing enemies who dwell near the shore. Warlike and proud, the sahuagin rarely ally with others, and view most other aquatic races such as the aboleths, the merfolk, and their ilk as competitors. The only creatures they seem to respect and adore apart from their own kind are sharks, for in these relentless predators the sahuagin see much of themselves. A sahuagin stands 7 feet tall and weighs about 250 pounds.
While fleeing Isabella Locke is not ready for them. She was a free captain, but not seen.

Session notes: 10/2/016
The island;
Ash is making bows and arrows. Setup a forge with the stock aid and mountain area. Aeomon and I are helping make tools re-enforce the stock aid and fence. Just north of the three-path spot. 8 suit of leather armor. We planted the 4 sampling pine trees. Show bow, long spear and cutlass person. The dwarf is helping as general contractor. The 5 stone houses laid out. Pens for livestock. Stone mill and
The wedding; The Aeomon and his wife where struck down by lightening, but Gozerh saved them, he is a cleric now, and the mountain has a permeant Gozerh symbol Ash created on the mountain, the blast went several miles.

Session notes:
The time we had arrived at port city Eledor the capital city of Sargava. We have the sailor we recued the man named Stephen Langusa of the house Langusa. We are informed that his family will pay nicely for his safe return. We have a suspicion that he was a were-shark. We left Rose in charge of the ship.
I found maps and information to finding my sister and empire of Gol-Ghan.

Session notes: last this one 5/21/17.
New crew; Brennon is a war priest Gozreh, Ahzik. The paladin man was killed. We think the man who we found in water we thought was were creature. Aryn ranger I think.
We were attacked by a group called The Sin Taang. This is an assassination group. We have one in prison. I found an arcane mark with the on our whale felegri. Gary and I went to town and got 2 erase scrolls, used one of the get rid of the mark.
Session notes: 5/28/17.
The new hires: arm wrestling Ash and Ahink. Ash sword took over. She Aomen elf, she is Brennea dwarf girlfriend.
Gun power engine plans.
Session notes: 5/28/17.
We see a fog. After a few days of being caused by fog, we are now close to the Tidewater Rock. We entered combat.


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