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Campaign Recap.

The Old Fishery, La mm’S Little Lambs, you help free the orphans' from the life of thievery. Gaedren’s right-hand man and his longest lived accomplice is Yargin Balkro, gnome named Hookshanks Gruller, a taskmaster, Giggles, an unforgiving taskmaster named Giggles, a half-orc brute, Drain Spider, Gaedren Lamm, hunchbacked thieving snake, plague on Korvosa’s forgotten children, and all-around despicable wretch, can be found here. Gobblegut the alligator.
So passes Eodred II, second of his honorable name, and with his last gasp the Crimson Throne becomes the seat of Queen Ileosa, his lady wife. Yet many would see it otherwise. Korvosa is a fickle mount, and bucks even the canniest and most ruthless from its seat of power.
Eodred II’s sudden death took the aristocracy by surprise—his health had been declining (due to the secret regimen of poison in his diet), but the sudden turn catches most of the castle off guard. Rumors quickly spread on the street—that he suffered from some disease
beyond even the priesthoods of Sarenrae and Abadar’s skill to cure, and that even Asmodeus’s disciples were summoned from their pentacle temple in the deep of night to try their dark hand at restoring the king. With the king’s death, Queen Ileosa ascends the Crimson Throne, much to the displeasure of most Korvosans, who view her as a petulant gold-digger at best. Worse, the castle seneschal has vanished, supposedly slain in one of the initial riots that broke out at the base of Castle Korvosa when the grim news of Eodred’s death was proclaimed. Desperate citizens, salty dock workers, soot-covered.

Quest completed:

Grau Soldado human. Born in Sandpoint, the well-liked Watch Sergeant he was before the king’s death.

Imps and Dragons - where attacked by the Imps and helped by the little dragons.

Mad Prophet: The death of King Eodred II also brings the doomsayers and end-of-the-world lunatics out of the woodwork. The majority of them are relatively harmless prophets content to lurk on their street corners and preach about the end of the world. A few are more sinister, preaching that “the Eye of Groetus has turned from the Boneyard to look upon Korvosa!” and similar strange, obscure threats.
In this encounter, one wild-haired and sick-looking old man fixates on one of the PCs, convinced that character appeared to him in a dream, and that his nearing death during a time of great sickness and peril during

The mob, Bands of rioting laborers run in mobs, battering anyone dressed in finery with snarling yowls of, “Die, dandy!” and, “Death to the Whore-Queen!” . the mob attacks young Amin Jalento noble.

Otyugh Uprising: the guards fought.

The return of the brooch.
Aid the guard: 1st task. Quest completed.

Citadel Volshyenek is located in Midland, overlooking Jeggare Harbor, where it serves as the base of operations for the Korvosan Guard. The Citadel currently operates on a skeleton crew, as almost all available guards are hard at work in the city, desperately trying to keep order. Two nervous guards stand at the entrance to the Yard, but as the queen promised, the PCs are expected. They quickly wave the party through, and one guard escorts the PCs into the central keep, where a harried and tired-looking woman rises from her desk to greet the PCs—this is Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, an attractive, dark-haired human woman dressed in red armor. She introduces herself and asks for the PCs’ names as she bids them to sit. Since Eodred II’s death, Cressida hasn’t slept, yet she bears her exhaustion well.

“Vancaskerkin and his men have holed up in an abandoned butcher’s shop up in Northgate—the place was called All the World’s Meat. I need you to check out the place. Try to avoid killing any of the deserters if you can, but if you must, they brought it upon themselves when they threw in their lot with Vancaskerkin. For him, I’d really prefer it if you could capture him alive and return him to me for interrogation, but if he makes that impossible, I’ll accept his body as well.
Finally, see if you can find out why Verik deserted—if there’s more to it than simple personal politics, I need to know immediately. Bring me Verik alive, and there’s another thousand gold in it for you. Dead, he’s only worth half that.”

Should the PCs ask around on the street about Verik and his boys, a DC 10 Gather Information check is enough to learn that the group’s taken to calling themselves the Cow Hammer Boys, and that their program of free meat during the time of unrest is keeping many families from going hungry.

Two guards stand at attention here—Baldrago (killed), (a tall man with bushy eyebrows that merge into one just above his large flat nose) and Malder (escaped) (a wheezy man whose chainmail doesn’t quite fit his ample frame). The Cow Hammer Boys hire themselves out for petty thuggery—they ask no questions of those who hire them, only demanding a payment of 50 gp per person to be beaten. Meat butchered in the early evening is salted and then stored overnight in this room—by noon, the meat here is all gone. If the PCs enter this room while meat is stored, the majority of it consists of pork and beef, but at least a half-dozen cuts are harder to identify. A closer examination and reveals that these cuts don’t come from animals at all, but from humanoids. If Parns and Karralo aren’t here during the day, heir mercenary work arrive, these unfortunates smuggled into this room already unconscious or dead and wrapped in sacks. Parns (captured) particularly enjoys butchering humans, but Karralo (escaped) has increasingly begged off this duty. The creatures are having a tough time keeping up with the grisly offerings. Well-fed, the creatures attack only if they think intruders are attempting to steal their food—by searching through the remains, for example.

Aid the guard: 1st task. Quest completed.

Verik’s (captured) initial attitude is hostile—he refuses to surrender unless his attitude. If confronted with hard evidence that his men have been murdering locals on the side for pay his spirit breaks. Realizing how much harm he’s actually been doing, he drops his weapons and allows the PCs to arrest him in which case he finally admits that it was her idea to leave the guard and form a gang to help feed the locals. He’s quick to point out that her plan isn’t bad—people need to eat, after all—but can’t give a good reason why one of the Arkonas.

Aid the guard: 2nd task. Quest completed.

You were asked to check out a warehouse to that was under attack. IT appears two Imps were summoned and by wizard graduates. The imps killed the wizard escaped and you killed the 2 crocodiles. You destroyed the magic circle to keep things for being summoned from it.

The Ambassador's Secret:

You successfully spoke with Devargo Barvasi and through a bribery and an amazing round of Knives Game performed Mae convinced him to provide you with the letters.

Vencarlo has often come to me with news of important changes on the streets, and this is no different—indeed, what he’s learned could degrade into sanctions, embargos, or even war against Cheliax if we don’t act now. This problem is a man named Darvayne Gios Amprei. You might have heard of him—he’s an ambassador from Cheliax whose disdain for Korvosa is well documented, and yet he’s taken great pleasure in what our city has to offer. Even before this recent unrest, this man was ready to recommend to his government a sanction on trade, or perhaps even an embargo. Vencarlo has learned through his own considerable sources that Ambassador Amprei’s actual goals are to undermine Korvosa’s economy to the point where he can buy up large portions of the city from desperate landholders and establish himself in a position of power here. Whatever the ambassador’s reasons, we can’t let his bias or personal plans hurt Korvosa. Yet neither can we take drastic action—not only would killing him be wrong, but it’d simply martyr him in Cheliax’s eyes. Fortunately, Darvayne has his foibles. Again, Vencarlo has learned that Ambassador Amprei has been making fairly regular visits to a place in Old Korvosa called Eel’s End. This den of vice is run by a dangerous man named Devargo Barvasi, better known in Korvosa’s alleys as the King of Spiders.

I’d love to put Barvasi out of business, but he pays his vice taxes regularly and never causes any problems—in fact, since he keeps his business constrained entirely within the five ships moored at Eel’s End, he’s actually one of the least of my worries. Truth be told, I can’t decide whether Devargo is a stirge or a kraken. He seems like a bloodsucking pest most days, but sometimes I fear just how far his tentacles have wormed their way into our great city. In this case though, his insidious web stretching across Korvosa’s underworld might prove to our advantage. Devargo would never let someone he recognizes as an ally of the Guard into Eel’s End, but your group’s a different case. I’d like you to pay a visit to Eel’s End and secure an audience with Devargo.

The Ambassador's Secret:

Find out what he knows about Amprei, get proof of any illicit goings-on the ambassador might be involved with, and bring that proof to me to use to undermine any forthcoming attempts by him to get Cheliax to cut us off. Devargo might not be willing to part with his information easily. the man is dangerous, but so are you—if things get violent, I wouldn’t mourn his passing.

Find the king's killer Quest:

After an incredible case across the Shingles you managed to successfully captured Trinia and according to her she is not guilty.

A pretty young artist named Trinia Sabor Female human bard who painted a portrait of the king not half a month before his death. You’ve doubtless heard the stories that the king’s killer has been named. Yet there’s something more going on here, I’m afraid. Queen Ileosa could have quietly had this Trinia Sabor arrested at any time. absolutely sure she did this thing. And that means we need to catch her before the mob. We know where she lives—a flat in Midland at 42 Moon Street—but soon, so will the mob. The Hellknights don’t seem to care as much about catching her as they do about containing the mob—something about the “order of law” makes it a greater priority for them to contain than a possible assassin. I can’t say I disagree completely, but the problem is, the Hellknights are only making it worse. The mob’s covering most of Midland now, and Trinia’s flat is near the middle of the mess. I’ve got all available guards at work keeping things from getting any worse—and if I were to send them into Midland, they’d trigger a riot. “I’m sure you can see where this is going. I need you to get into Midland, find Trinia, and bring her back to me so we can deliver her, safe and sound, to somewhere where she can be interrogated—preferably with magic, so we can be absolutely sure about her role in Eodred’s death. Get in there, catch her, and get out without letting the mob get its hands on her. I’ll have agents and officers nearby. If you can get her to one of them, we’ll be in the clear.

A Missing Body -

So for you found a body and were attacked by derros and killed the stirge and Otyugh.

Cressida Kroft isn’t alone when the PCs arrive at her office— with her is a tall, rail-thin Shoanti man of 60 winters. He leans heavily on a walking stick, the polished femur of some giant beast crowned with a fire pelt cougar’s skull. He wears a shirt decorated with countless jangling animal bones, many painstakingly scrawled with dozens of tiny symbols and glyphs. A bearskin cloak is draped about his bony shoulders, and warpaint in the shape of a skull decorates his face. The Shoanti’s eyes are milky as if he were blind, though he sees better than most men half his age. He is never without his familiar, a regal red-feathered razor crow named Eats-Eyes. He regards the PCs impassively while Cressida introduces him as Thousand Bones, a Way-Keeper for the Skoan-Quah, the Clan of the Skull. Cressida bids the PCs sit, tells them about the situation with the mob violence and the dead Shoanti, then turns the floor over to Thousand Bones. The old shaman speaks with a deep voice, his words carefully chosen but delivered with a barely restrained anger.
A Missing Body -

Thousand Bones then rises, nods curtly to Cressida, and leaves the room to return to his people to await the delivery of his grandson’s body. Field Marshal Kroft apologizes for the man’s behavior, but to a great extent she agrees with his assessment. Someone tied to Korvosa needs to find the dead Shoanti’s body and return it to his people as a gesture of good will, or things will quickly go from bad to worse. Normally, Kroft would contact the Church of Pharasma to organize an expedition into one of the warrens under the city graveyard, but the PCs have proven capable, and they were Kroft’s first nomination for the problem.

Who is Rolth? “He’s long been a thorn in my side. A failed Academae student, Rolth’s a monster of a man who was expelled after the true nature of his experiments were revealed. He was butchering vagrants, stray animals, and anything else he could get his hands on to try to build some sort of golem from their collected parts. The Academae didn’t press charges because it didn’t want to cause a scene—it just quietly expelled him and the man’s been trouble ever since. We suspect he’s responsible for nearly a dozen slayings, each involving mutilation to the body, but to date we haven’t been able to find him or locate his lair. He might or might not be in the Dead Warrens, but anything you can find there that could lead to his arrest would be greatly appreciated.”

What are the Dead Warrens? “Korvosa’s Gray District is riddled with underground chambers, some of them burrowed by ghouls or other monsters, others remnants of ancient Shoanti burial grounds. Some of these warrens are patrolled and kept clear of monsters by the church of Pharasma, yet the Gray District is a large place and the tunnels below are vast and tangled. The Pharasmen focus on containing the problems with undead and necromancers, but as soon as they wipe out one, it seems as if two are ready to spring up in its place. The problem’s particularly vexing in Potter’s Ward, where the bodies of the poor and homeless are buried. According to Thousand Bones, the Dead Warrens were one of his people’s burial vaults, chambers that lie under Potter’s Ward.”

Where are the Dead Warrens? “We have the man who sold Gaekhen’s body to Rolth in custody: a simpleton named Elkaris. He
spilled everything when we told him what was going on and how much trouble he was in—in any event, Elkaris says he delivered the body via wheelbarrow to a partially collapsed mausoleum deep in Potter’s Ward, near the southern edge. A toppled and headless statue
of a sword-wielding gargoyle lay in the dirt near the mausoleum’s entrance—he was told to leave the body behind the gargoyle.
This location matches where Thousand Bones believes the Shoanti burial grounds called the Dead Warrens used to be located, so that’s the best place to start the search.

How will we recognize Gaekhen’s body? “Thousand Bones described Gaekhen as about 18 years old with short brown hair and a distinctive scar from a firepelt’s claw on his left cheek. Furthermore, Gaekhen had several large and distinctive Shoanti tribal
tattoos on his arms and torso—it’s unlikely that any other freshly-killed Shoanti are in the Dead Warrens today, so that should be a dead giveaway.”


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