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Campaign recap Empty Campaign recap

Post by stygiandrake on Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:49 pm

Part One: Return to Korvosa
During the PCs’ adventures in Scarwall, the situation in Korvosa has stabilized somewhat, but not for the better. With the Sable Company gone, the Korvosan Guard reduced
to little more than a shadow of its former glory, the silence of the noble houses, the retreat of the Hellknights and the wizards of the Acadamae into their respective fortresses,
and finally the Church of Abadar’s public declaration of support of the city’s new ruler, the formerly vibrant city has dulled. Merchants still come and go from Korvosa,
but they are taxed heavily and tend not to stay overnight. Locals no longer have to fear riots, plagues, or even much in the way of thievery, but the new lords of the streets, the
Gray Maidens, have little patience for lawbreakers of any sort. Compounding this are Queen Ileosa’s numerous new and often ridiculous laws that force the city’s citizens into
ever-increasing debt and despair.

If the PCs don’t think to use magic to contact one of their NPC allies before they return to Korvosa, Vencarlo takes care of that for them. He and the seneschal of Castle Korvosa, Neolandus, have been hiding in the dwarven city of Janderhoff, but have been in semi-regular contact with Cressida Kroft for the past several weeks, and the latest report has Vencarlo particularly worried. With the aid of a dwarven wizard he hires, Vencarlo attempts to contact one of the PCs via a dream spell—the contact occurs the first time the PCs sleep after recovering Serithtial from the caverns below Scarwall. The dream message is brief, manifesting as a conversation between Vencarlo and the PC that takes place at Vencarlo’s academy in Korvosa.

“Greetings! I’ve secured the aid of one of Janderhoff’s sells to contact you in this manner, for things grow dire in Korvosa. Ileosa’s control over the city has grown, and now she holds all of Korvosa in a vice of martial law. Cressida’s left the Guard she’s gone underground to serve as the leader for a group of rebels based in the catacombs under Gray District. While she’s gathered a sizable force, it alone is not enough to dethrone Ileosa. We must return at once; with Neolandus at our side, and your strength and skill and, hopefully, that magic sword you went looking for, Cressida and I believe we’ll be able to ignite another attempt at rebellion. This should give you just the opportunity you need to storm Castle Korvosa and confront the usurper queen, don’t you think? “In any event, Neolandus and I are returning to Korvosa at once. We have secured potions of invisibility and flying we’re planning on slipping over the southern wall into Gray District at night and meeting Cressida at the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma. Bishop d’Bear is an ally. I strongly urge you to do the same once we are all in place back inside the city walls, we can only prevail! Contact me or Cressida if you can, but if you cannot, I hope to see you in Korvosa soon.”

Korvosa Today
The city of Korvosa is a different place than the one the PCs left at the end of “Escape from Old Korvosa.” The city is quieter, its streets calm and silent. Yet this is not a healthy calm—it is the calm of utter oppression. Where once throngs of traffic clogged busy streets, only a few wagons clatter and furtive locals walk. Gone are the sounds of merchants hawking their wares, the smells of fresh-baked food, the clang of ships’ bells at the docks, or the cry of a Sable Company hippogriff winging through the sky. Ileosa and her Gray Maidens have been at work on Korvosa, night and day, and the result is a city of broken spirited citizens desperate for deliverance but too cowed by the atrocities and cruelties witnessed in the streets to rise up. The people of Korvosa need heroes. The following list calls out several specific changes and events that have come to Korvosa of late. These descriptions are kept brief—the focus of the PCs should be on Castle Korvosa, after all but the notes given here should suffice if characters wish to further explore what has become of their hometown.

Ileosa’s Statues: Ileosa has commissioned the creation of four immense statues of herself in Korvosa. The moving of huge blocks of stone into position is a task she’s put
many of the city’s laborers to, under the watchful eye of the Gray Maidens. Every few days, new blocks of stone are hauled in from the Great Tower in the Heights, and the locals are
tasked with maneuvering the blocks into place, joined by several priests of Abadar commissioned to use stone shape to make the blocks into one solid sheet. After this, a small
army of sculptors is brought in to chisel away at the blocks. Starting with Ileosa’s feet, the projects have proceeded in this manner from the ground up. So far, each statue is
complete up to Ileosa’s knees and stands twenty feet high. Statues are being built in Endrin Square, Eodred’s Square, Jeggare Circle, and South Shore Square.

Dismantling of the Great Tower: Numerous laborers and engineers are picking apart this tower from the top down, harvesting the stone that composes this famous Korvosan
landmark for the four statues Ileosa has requisitioned. Many have perished at this task already, and the steadily diminishing tower is a depressing symbol of the city’s
drastic decline to all who watch.

Old Korvosa: The state of things in Old Korvosa largely depends on how the PCs left it. If both the Arkonas and the Emperor of Old Korvosa still live, the island remains largely in the same state as it was presented in “Escape from Old Korvosa.” If one of these two crime lords have been destroyed, the other has expanded to fill the vacancy. If both Pilts Swastel and the Arkonas were defeated, Old Korvosa fell under the complete control of the Cerulean Society. Korvosa’s thieves’ guild is ironically the best thing to happen to the island for some time, as the guild quickly moved in and claimed Arkona Palace as its new Guildhall, bringing some semblance of order to the beleaguered island. From this position of power, Guildmaster Boule has slowly been taking control of the island.

Entering Korvosa
Entrance into Korvosa is controlled, but not as tightly as Ileosa would like. She’s been quite successful in her program of indoctrinating women into the Gray Maidens with a combination of torture, magic, and bribery, but relatively few of them are truly capable fighters. Those who find themselves stationed in Castle Korvosa, with the less capable Gray Maidens serving primarily as guards at the city gates, patrolling the streets, or overseeing some of the new “public works.” Typically, an external gate is staffed by a group of four Gray Maidens, while at any one time, 1d3 patrols of four are marching along waterfront districts—enough to keep most locals in line, but certainly not enough to challenge the PCs. Even without options such as flight or teleportation, the PCs should have relatively few problems entering the city. The only difficulty could well be remaining unnoticed. As long as the PCs wear disguises or remain hidden or stealthy, they can move about the streets of Korvosa during the day without being confronted. Each day, each PC must make a DC 15 Disguise or Hide check to remain unnoticed. At night, a citywide curfew is in effect—at this time, only Hide checks can keep the PCs from being reported or confronted. Failure to make these checks (or failure to utilize stealth at all) quickly results in the PCs’ presence in Korvosa being reported to the Gray Maidens. do not directly confront them.

Contacting The Rebels
Just as infiltrating Korvosa should be a relatively simple task for high-level characters, so should be an approach to the Cathedral of Pharasma in Gray District. Vencarlo and Neolandus have already arrived, and Cressida likely expects the PCs’ arrival soon—as do the priests of Pharasma who tend to the graveyard and the cathedral. Soon after the PCs arrive and make their presence known, they are greeted by none other than the high priestess of the faith in Korvosa, Bishop Keppira d’Bear (N female human cleric of Pharasma 13). Keppira tells the PCs that she
’s been expecting them, then bids them follow her. She leads them down into the vast ossuary below the cathedral, through an iron door, and into a subterranean complex connected to several other tunnels that run under the graveyard. The high priestess then excuses herself from the party’s company, but they are just as quickly greeted by a joyful and thankful Cressida Kroft, a bit more ragged and rough-looking in her scavenged armor, but no less friendly and supportive of the PCs than she has been previously. Vencarlo, Neolandus, and perhaps others like Amin Jalento and Grau Soldado reunite with the PCs as well at this time. After the reunion, they ask for updates on what the PCs have been up to—feel free to play this scene out as much as you want. The goal here should be to reinforce the PCs’ ties to Korvosa and her citizens and to give them a chance to feel like what they’ve accomplished so far is worthy of praise. In other words, they should feel like heroes.

Eventually, Cressida gets to the problem at hand. She explains to the PCs how she and her rebels are ready to make their move into Korvosa to let their presence be known to the Gray Maidens and Ileosa’s other agents in the city. This includes revealing that Neolandus still lives, and that as a result, Korvosa’s government has a legal option beyond open rebellion to depose Ileosa. Cressida hopes that this information will rally the noble houses, arbiters, and magistrates, but she also fears that doing so will spur Ileosa to step up the violence to even greater levels than before. Therefore, before the rebels can take to the streets and seek out the support of the city, they need someone to take the initiative against the monarchy.

At first, this means that they need intelligence from the castle. Cressida has heard numerous rumors about what has been going on inside it: that the Gray Maidens are mind-controlled, that devils and a dragon dwell within its walls, that the Red Mantis are now secretly in control of it, and that Ileosa has herself transformed into a monster. What Cressida needs are heroes willing to infiltrate Castle Korvosa and not only find out what exactly they’re all up against, but also to do their best to undermine and defeat Ileosa and her minions. Leadership is the key to control, after all, and without it, Ileosa can’t remain in power. Cressida has prepared a list of tasks for the PCs to accomplish inside Castle Korvosa. She’s hesitant to make her move with Neolandus to reclaim control until the majority of these tasks are accomplished, but in the end listens to the
PCs as to when it’s safe to do so. The list of Cressida’s tasks is presented as Handout 1.

Handout 1

Listed here are several issues that need resolution before I’m comfortable revealing to Korvosa that Neolandus still lives. I leave to you the methods for answering these questions, and also
solving these problems.

1) A new “hero of the people” has been fighting rebels in the streets. These rebels are false; they’re not my people, and I suspect that this hero, a man named Trifaccia, is false as well.
Find out who or what he is.

2) I have it on good authority that the rumors of a black dragon taking nest in Castle Korvosa are legitimate. If the rumors prove true, the dragon must be defeated.

3) The role of castle seneschal is currently held by a bloated wizard named Togom0r. If you can capture or defeat him, we’ll avoid a long legal complication over the revelation that Neolandus still lives.

4) Ishani Dhatri, Abadarian priest and vocal opponent of his church’s public endorsement of Ileosa, has vanished. My initial investigations indicate that he was last seen approaching the castle perhaps some clues to his fate lie hidden within?

5) I suspect that there are Red Mantis agents sheltered in the castle. Proof of the alliance between Ileosa and the Red Mantises would be very helpful; forcing the Red Mantis to abandon Korvosa, perhaps by finding and defeating their local leader, would be even better.

6) The Gray Maidens are certainly a menace; they need to be stopped. Sabina Merrin is the commander of the Gray Maidens find and defeat her, and you’ll throw the entire organization into chaos long enough for us to reclaim the streets from them. Vencarlo and Grau believe that she can be reasoned with, and that she may not be as loyal a minion of the queen as she seems.

7) Rumors of devils involved with the monarchy disturb me as well. If you can find proof that Ileosa is trafficking with devils, or that devils dwell within Castle Korvosa, that should significantly
help our case against her in the eyes of the city’s government.

Cool Ileosa must answer for her crimes. She hasn’t been seen publicly recently but for brief appearances on the castle walls. If we can capture her, a lot of our work will be easier.

If the PCs speak with Vencarlo or Grau about Sabina, both men offer the same observation: the Sabina they knew loved Korvosa and was honorable to a fault. It was her rigidity of
thought and personality, Vencarlo muses, that held back her progress in the more fluid fighting style he attempted to teach her back when she was his student. As a result, both
Grau and Vencarlo have a hard time believing Sabina could condone what Ileosa has done to Korvosa. They suspect the queen uses some sort of magic to control her, and urge the
PCs to try to use nonlethal methods in dealing with Sabina. At the very least, a cooperative Sabina could be an excellent source of information about Ileosa’s plans and what has been
going on in Castle Korvosa for the past several months.


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Campaign recap Empty Camaign recap part 1

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Session Notes: 7/30/2017
Korvosa’s New Hero
A new hero of the people, the swashbuckler Trifaccia. In the form of a masked, robed sword fighter, he has spent the last few weeks engaged in a war of propaganda. Posing as a Blackjack “replacement” named Trifaccia, he has been taking steps to protect and aid the oppressed common folk, helping them out where needed against a small group of “rebels.” Typically, these rebels (a particularly loathsome gang of Sczarni thugs move into a region and cause trouble, robbing citizens, beating them, and worse. Just when things are about to pass the point of no return, Trifaccia swoops in to “save” the commoners from the violent rebels, and gives them small bags of gold and silver to help them recover from these “trying times.” His goal is to bring the common folk of Korvosa around to seeing the rebels as violent thugs, and that Queen Ileosa might not be as bad as they thought. The Gray Maidens patrol regularly, things are much safer! can occur anywhere in Korvosa, but should probably not occur until a bit after the PCs have done something particularly obvious to indicate their presence to the city; slaughtering a patrol of Gray Maidens or openly demanding Ileosa show herself in a public square would suffice. He appears as a slender human man dressed in black clothes and a long flowing hooded cloak. His features are obscured by a brass mask that features three faces in a row, the central one frontal and the side ones in profile. He wields a golden scimitar that flickers with fire. As he enters the conflict, his mocking laughter is strong and clear.

In the attempt to get Trifaccia’s attention Leon disguised himself as a thug and attacked an in disguised Ryuka. Fayrin. Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe use magic to turn into a bier and nearby Jim Stern "Grumpy ol' Jim", Jul Lak'Tal where in the base until the fight. The Gray Maidens 6 patrols tried to kidnap Ryuka and force her to become a Gray Maiden.

Session Notes: 9/3/2017, Korvosa’s New Hero
Jim accepted the challenge. He healed all three citizens, one human female, and two human males. They ran off duty to the battle. The first round I see magic auras and he has a good a AC. The second round, I noticed that he has damage reduction armor, I tripped him and he critical I know his weapon is holy. For my three rounds, I cast Invisibility (Greater), Jim needs to act we were interrupted. After a few rounds of spells from both sides I was forced to retreat to the castle.

Session Notes: 9/10/2017
Jul Lak'Tal and Ryuka where in a tavern celebrating. Witnessed the black dragon fly towards them. On top of the city, Leon, Fayrin, Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, Jim Stern "Grumpy ol' Jim". They watched Sabina make a ride check to render Zarmangarof flat-footed, the dragon gets to make a free Sense Motive check opposed by the result of Sabina’s Ride check to realize what she’s up to, he did. Once the dragon starts taking damage, his frustration gets the better of him and he turns on Sabina in anger. Once the dragon lashes out at Sabina, he immediately takes 3d6 points of damage from the geas. Once the dragon does so, he takes to the air and uses breath weapons and magic against them and Sabina unless he feels confident that he can finish the party off in melee.

Zarmangarof is blinded by rage and frustration, and fights to the death as a result. The dragon has been geas to serve as Sabina’s mount, and charmed to be an ally to Queen Ileosa and her minions. These magical effects ensure his cooperation, and he follows Sabina’s commands via her ride skill as demanded. Zarmangarof is defeated. Jim used his magics to remove the all effects to ensure the dragon and she are free before Fayrin killed the dragon.

Sabina has surrendered to them, throwing herself upon their mercy. If they give her a chance, she confesses to them the full extent of her participation in Queen Ileosa’s cruelty, but begs them to give her a chance to undo what she allowed to happen through her own inaction. Her first request, though, is to relocate to somewhere safer to speak. If they suggest the rebel hideout, Sabina furiously implores them to pick another site.

There are agents within Castle Korvosa still who know nothing of kindness or pity, and if they don’t already know of Sabina’s redemption after Zarmangarof is defeated, they have a decision to make. Sabina has surrendered to them, throwing herself upon their mercy. If they give her a chance, she confesses to the them the full extent of her participation in Queen Ileosa’s cruelty, but begs them to give her a chance to undo what she allowed to happen through her own inaction. Her first request, though, is to relocate to somewhere safer to speak. If the Party suggest the rebel hideout, Sabina furiously implores them to pick another site. There are agents within Castle Korvosa still who know nothing of kindness or pity, and if they don’t already know of Sabina’s surrender (likely, especially if this event happens in an a’s surrender (likely, especially if this event happens in a public location after an eye-catching dragon fight), they will soon enough when she doesn’t return to her quarters in the castle.

Assuming they accept Sabina’s, surrender and grant her asylum, she has plenty to offer them. Sabina would rather not accompany them into the Castle Korvosa, however she instead wants to move against Longacre Building. While the Gray Maidens ensconced in the castle are completely loyal to the queen, some of those in the city itself still see Sabina as their commander. If she can use this loyalty to get into Longacre Building, release the imprisoned women below, and outfit them with weapons and armor, the rebels suddenly gain a potent fighting force on their side when the time comes to retake the city. Her knowledge of the castle itself isn’t as exhaustive as one might hope, but at the very least.

She knows Ileosa herself has some large hell hound guards, that a horned devil named Mavrokeras guards the towers (although she’s not sure where he lurks), that three barbed devils known as the Yallops have been increasingly annoying and disruptive. Sermignatto
has concealed his presence from her entirely. Sabina also knows that the Red Mantis moved in on the third floor, but Sabina avoids contact with them and their leader (whom Sabina hasn’t seen, but who she has heard speaking to the Red Mantis minions a few times). Finally, she explains that Ileosa has grown even more cold and grim of late, and for the past several weeks she rarely left her bed chambers. She certainly hasn’t called for Sabina’s companionship since
she started wearing that “ugly new crown,” and Sabina has finally admitted to herself that Ileosa likely never loved her an admission that has gone a long way toward pushing her to finally turn against the monarchy.

Leon, Fayrin, Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, Jim Stern "Grumpy ol' Jim"Jul Lak'Tal and Ryuka are in a tavern celebrating. Sabin’s revelation, Jim used a zone of truth. After that he brought her into the group with the telepathic bond. Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, called on an Angel Solar, to help with Queen Ileosa crown removal. In exchange for the aid he’s changing alignments. He’s adding time stop, and is working on a clone, which is functional in 3 months.


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Campaign recap Empty Campaign recap part 2

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Session Notes: 9/17/2017
Sabin is joining with Jim to provide a note is an illusion spell of Sabin’s face join her cause sent to the Gray Maidens. With Sabin’s help, Ryuka is disguise as a Gray Maiden. She will travel through the castle and try and get the women there to follow Sabin.

All 250 of the street Gray Maidens are join with you. They will remain on duty unto the needed time.

The Gray Maidens castle ones: Ryuka convinced them to join Sabin. Room A26 = 4. Room A30 = 4. Room A38 = 4. Room patrol = 4. Anyone on the keep’s 1st floor is included.

The Gray Maidens castle ones: The following ones are not convinced. Room 45 the lands. Any room on the Castle Korvosa second floors.

A44. Seneschal’s Apartment
This room contains a canopied bed, a desk, a trunk, and a large cupboard. Colorful woolen tapestries hang from the walls, while exotic carpets decorate the floor. To the northeast, three narrow barred windows have been covered with additional tapestries. A standing lamp in a corner looks like a strange swamp plant with wrought-iron leaves and a single, oversized fruit of amber-colored glass. Bits of discarded food, from bread crusts to chunks of moldy cheese tobones colored with tattered remnants of meat, are scattered everywhere, but the stink of rotting food can’t quite cover the stale smell of body odor and sweat that fills this room. This room, furnished to a high standard by Neolandus Kalepopolis, is now occupied by a foul and obese man named Togomor.
A continual flame spell cast within the lamp’s globe illuminates the room with a soft orange glow at all times. Togomor’s poor personal habits and hygiene are the cause of this room’s nastiness. The huge, bloated man here, sitting on the sagging bed amid a collection of almost-burnt chickens, loaves of bread, wheels of cheese, and a few large bottles of wine. Togomor’s gluttony keeps the man quite busy in his off hours. A middle-aged obese man with a bald head, the wizard Togomor was quite the adventurer in his youth. Hailing from Magnimar, many of his early adventures took place in the Mushfens it was there that he first learned of
hemotheurgy from a group of bloatmages. Impressed with the power of their magic, Togomor abandoned his adventuring party and sought out the secrets of hemotheurgy, a quest that eventually led him to the city of Kaer Maga.

A44. Seneschal’s Apartment
Togomor relies on his imp familiar, Pudgyknuckles, a corpulent creature in its own right,
to keep him well-supplied with food and drink. Apart from answering its master’s calls for food, though, Pudgyknuckles spends little time with his master due to a mixture of jealousy and disgust at Togomor’s girth. Pudgyknuckles is a chubby, broad-grinned imp that roams the castle halls in rat form or perches on its battlements in raven form. It immediately returns to Togomor’s side as soon as the castle alarm is raised.
The party decided to attack Togomor, but he had a spell to get out of the room. Leon, Fayrin, Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, Jim Stern "Grumpy ol' Jim", Jul Lak'Tal and Ryuka and Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, called on an Angel Solar, to help with Queen Ileosa crown removal. In exchange for the aid he’s changing alignments. Ryuka is disguise as a Gray Maiden.

A37. Mess Hall
Four stone pillars support the ceiling of this large mess hall. Between each pillar stretches a long table lined on either side by high-backed chairs, although many of the chairs are slashed and savaged, or in some cases little more than ruins heaped on the floor. The table itself is piled with old pieces of rotting meat, broken bones, shattered weapons, bits of armor, and dozens of long barbs and quills. A fire in the large fireplace in the west corner burns, slowly cooking what appears to be a mostly plucked and mostly skinned hippogriff. The scent of the cooking meat from the hippogriff isn’t quite enough to mask the rancid stink of decay. Recently, this mess hall became the favored haunt of three barbed devils who collectively refer to themselves as the Yallops Barbed devils 3. Unless specifically ordered to come to the castle’s defense, these devils ignore any telepathic alarms in favor of their slowly cooking feast, passing the time by singing loudly and using major image to create eerie visual and sound effects for their own amusement, transforming much of the room into a hellscape of burning pits of tar and flesh, cauldrons of tormented souls, and trenches of the howling damned. As the PCs approach this room, they can distinctly hear three voices singing a nearly incomprehensible song in Infernal about the pleasures of banqueting. The refrain, however, comes in the Common tongue: “Who would say a single beast could give us such a double feast?
Yes, my friends, we’ve meat and fowl—cooking up from arse to jowl!” The voices are off-key, at times guttural and deep, at times jeering and squeaky. All the PCs can make out from the appellatives that the voices share in casual bits of conversation is that they belong to three fiendish brothers named Frentes, Jhaun, and Peveer. The Yallops are a trio of barbed devils bound to Sermignatto’s service since the bdellavritra handpicked the tormented souls of the three brothers from a trench of scalding lead deep in Hell.

In life, the Yallop brothers were cowardly opportunists who exploited child labor and cared about nothing but their illicit business. Sermignatto was taken by their camaraderie,
even in their torment, and cashed in several favors to have them ascended from the damned into devils. The Yallops remember their names and the brotherly bond they shared as mortals, but have no actual memories of their previous lives. The Yallops continue to prove their usefulness, rising quickly through the infernal ranks over the past several centuries to their current position as hamatulas. The devils are quite excited by their recent catch: hippogriffs have grown quite rare in the Korvosa region of late, with so many of their kind having left the city with their fleeing Sable Company masters to seek out shelter in Palin’s Cove. Feel free to set up illusory trenches of burning damned or other hellish obstacles in here as you see fit to add flavor and perhaps opportunities for concealment against those who don’t realize the images are illusory.

A37. Mess Hall
The first round, Jul Lak'Tal transformed in a huge earth elemental and attacked the group. He was killed by the devils after they summoned 2 barbed devil. Someone placed a blade barrier blocking room A39. Public Parlor, Leon, Fayrin, Beauregard "Gard" Von Stryfe, Jim Stern "Grumpy ol' Jim", Ryuka and the solar angel are in room 39. Gard summoned angels and Jim summoned angel in this room. Togomor summoned 2 fiendish dire bears. Togomor then cast delayed fireball, horrid wilting, clashing Rocks.
The Yallops Barbed devils 3, killed one of Gard’s summoned creatures. Continued at bottom

A39. Public Parlor
This small junction room contains a table with two stools and a fine wooden cupboard. The cupboard contains a reserve of candles, matches, torches, and oil lamps.

A40. Old Tower Guardroom
The stairs in the northeast wall lead down to area A14.

A41. First Floor Midden
This midden is mostly used by the servants and soldiers of the castle, but also by the seneschal. Its soil pipe discharges waste in the garderobe shaft below (area A23).

A42. Archive
This small room seems to be some sort of archive; on the wall opposite the door is torage for vellum, paper, and writing implements. The other two walls are fitted with shelves that sag with rows of books and scrolls. These are some of the various archives of the Arabasti family. More than a century of Arabasti rule of Korvosa is recorded and arranged chronologically here. The documents include decrees, acts, reports, and records of all kinds about the city and the royal family. A search of the archive’s more recent entries reveals that, after King Eodred II’s death, no further documents have been stored here.

A43. Scriptorium
This room contains two well-equipped writing desks with comfortable armchairs and matching lecterns. A large map of Korvosa hangs on the southwest wall over a wooden box full of rolled parchments. This room is used by the royal scribes to write documents on the seneschal’s behalf. The map in the showcase is marked with red ink in several areas to record the queen’s ambitious building plans, including the creation of her four statues throughout the city. The plans contain no indication of her projects’ purpose, however. This room holds your base’s entrance.

continued from A37
Session Notes: 10/8/17
The Yallops Barbed devils 3, killed one of Gard’s summoned creatures. They teleported into room A40 to attack the golem and summoned creatures. Jim in a heroic act grabbed the Serithtial sword he banished 2 of the devil back home.

Morale As soon as one of the Yallops is reduced to 20 hit points or less, or if one of them feels the holy bite of Serithtial’s blade (“Yaaa! Yallops, it hurts like heaven!”), the barbed devils’ bravery collapses and they teleport to Sermignatto’s side in area A59. I failed the first attempt.

10/8/17 5th round/ Summon Monster VII, I’m summoning advanced fiendish 3 rust monsters. 6th round/ chain lightning bolt 20d6 +10 at golem and Ryuka (DC: 28) Save: Reflex half SR: Yes. 7th round/ Waves of Exhaustion Cast Save: No, Range: 60 ft., SR: Yes, Effect: Waves of negative energy cause all living creatures in the spell's target to become exhausted. Target Area: Cone-shaped burst. 8th round/ teleported. then over stuff

Castle Korvosa: First Floor: The first floor of the castle is like the ground floor,
but somewhat richer in furnishing and details. External light sources are still scarce. Unlike the lower floors, this floor and those above remain relatively clean and dust free; two dozen imps have been pressed into service to keep the place tidy with promises from Sermignatto that
their work will not go unrewarded. The imps themselves generally remain invisible and avoid accosting intruders due to their cowardly natures, but whenever fights start, feel free to have a couple of opportunistic imp’s flitter in to take a few stings against distracted PCs if you wish.

A26. Gatehouse Archway: Anyone using the main stairs to approach the castle must
pass through this archway landing. This passage connects two segments of ascending stairs to the keep’s main entrance. The ceiling is 20 feet high and features four murder holes and a portcullis. When the PCs approach, the portcullis is down (hardness 10, hit points 60; Lift DC 25).

A28. Armory: Wooden weapon racks, featuring an assortment of weapons
from longswords to daggers to maces, line the walls of this armory. An elongated table sits in the middle of the room, and a long wooden ladder is stowed below the table. A secret door in the southeast wall leads to the keep’s postern, where a second secret door grants an escape route.
Both doors are kept locked (Open Lock DC 30) and can be discovered with a DC 30 Search check. From the outside, the door is 15 feet above ground (hence the ladder under
the table). The weapons stored on the racks here are mundane, non-masterwork weapons. If the PCs are looking for a weapon, any non-exotic weapon can be found here with a DC 12 Search check. Togomor knows about the secret door here, and placed a silent mental permanent alarm spell on the exterior door. If this alarm goes off, he (and by extension Sermignatto) immediately realize what’s going on and raise the castle’s general alarm.

A29. Seawatch Tower Stairs: These stairs lead up to area A76; they bypass the second
floor of the castle entirely.

A30. West Barracks: This chamber seems to have once served as a food preparation
area, judging by the shelves lining the walls. Session Notes: 9/17/2017 The Gray Maidens castle ones: Ryuka convinced them to join Sabin. Room A26 = 4. Room A30 = 4. Room A38 = 4. Room patrol = 4. Anyone on the keep’s 1st floor is included. Creatures: Before Ileosa closed off the castle to the public, what few guards stayed on site took their rest in the guardroom on the floor below (area A17). Recently, she’s ordered two full platoons of Gray Maidens to take up residence in the castle, placing their barracks here and in area A38. Twelve Gray Maidens can rest here, although generally there are only four in this room at a time while the other eight are on shift Gray Maidens (4).

A31. Kitchen: This room is dusty with flour and contains a large oven built with flint and clay. Flour has been scattered over several of the tables here, and tiny clawed footprints crisscross through the white mess. Two large fireplaces sit to the northeast, their stovepipe chimneys angling up toward the wall to the northwest.

A32. Gray Tower Stairs: These stairs lead up to area A61.

A33. Pantry: Shelves and crates stored here contain all manner of spices,
herbs, and preserved foodstuffs (spiced pork, salted meat, smoked salmon, cheese, jams, honey, nuts, and dried figs).

A34. Workshop: This small workshop for wood-, wicker-, and leatherworking
is well-supplied with all the tools and equipment necessary to create and repair objects for everyday use.

A35. Smithy A huge angular fireplace and two anvils create a compact but
well-equipped forge in this chamber. One of the anvils is a black iron, ordinary-looking implement, while the other is made of polished steel and shaped like a grotesque, squatting dwarf. Smithy tools hang on the walls or line shelves.

A36. Workshop Storage: The secret door in the northeast wall can be discovered
with a DC 25 Search check; the stairs lead to area A24.

A38. North Barracks: The room is fitted with six bunk beds, each one with a
wooden bedside table. Woolen tapestries hang on the walls, and folding screens of wood and canvas are stacked near the beds. Session Notes: 9/17/2017 The Gray Maidens castle ones: Ryuka convinced them to join Sabin. Room A26 = 4. Room A30 = 4. Room A38 = 4. Room patrol = 4. Anyone on the keep’s 1st floor is included. Creatures: As in area A30, this room is used as a barracks for 12 Gray Maidens, although generally there are only four in this room at a time while the other eight are on shift. Gray Maidens (4).
Castle Korvosa: First Floor:

A43. Scriptorium
This room contains two well-equipped writing desks with comfortable armchairs and matching lecterns. A large map of Korvosa hangs on the southwest wall over a wooden box full of rolled parchment. This room is used by the royal scribes to write documents on the seneschal’s behalf. The map in the showcase is marked with red ink in several areas to record the queen’s ambitious building plans, including the creation of her four statues throughout the city. The plans contain no indication of her projects’ purpose, however. This room holds your base’s entrance. Session Notes: 10/22/17.
Treasure: The rolled parchments are all highly detailed maps of Korvosa and Varisia (worth a total value of 400 gold piece. The map was drawn by Togomor Handout 2.

Castle Korvosa: First Floor:
A44. Seneschal’s Apartment: Possessed (Ex) Togomor is possessed by the bdellavritra
devil Sermignatto. This grants the devil a constant status effect and allows Sermignatto to control Togomor from any distance as a free action, as if Togomor were dominated.
He can also experience Togomor’s surroundings via the bloatmage’s senses by concentrating. The possession cannot be ended by dispel magic, but a protection from evil or similar effect cast upon Togomor disrupts the possession if the protection effect persists, and a dispel
evil or dispel law cast on Togomor ends the possession immediately. If the possession persists, Togomor is immune to all other mind-affecting effects.

Development: If Togomor is slain, a strange smile of relief spreads on his face—if able, he speaks a few dying words: “Thank you.…” So long a slave of the devil, Togomor doesn’t quite realize he’s only escaped one torment for an eternity of another in Hell.


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