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This is a basic timeline of history in My Golarion, up to and including Ray's Curse of the Crimson Throne and both good and evil games of mine at the bottom. Future updates will be made and further events may fill in gaps as your various characters learn more.

The ages before Earthfall (perhaps the most significant event to occur in the Inner Sea region throughout recorded history) are often collectively known as the “Age Before Ages.” Details of what occurred in these ages come not from recorded history as much as from mythology and legends.

Age of Creation (Unknown)
The creation of Golarion is a hotly debated subject among scholars and priests, with as many theories attempting to chronicle such an ancient event as there are philosophies and religions. Most of these theories agree that for uncounted ages, mortal life did not exist upon the world of Golarion. Yet even this primeval world was far from abandoned. If they are to be believed, the aboleths ruled the oceans, while the land was the domain of even more mysterious races, such as the unknowable Vault Builders. Eventually, mortal life appeared—yet again, whether as a result of aboleth experimentation or divine creation, the truth is unclear. Certainly, the gods themselves had a far more direct role in the world in these early days, for it was during the Age of Creation that the deity Rovagug was confronted and defeated by an alliance of gods and goddesses, primarily through the acts of Sarenrae (who cut open the world and sealed Rovagug in a strange dimension at the world’s core) and Asmodeus (who provided a lock and key capable of imprisoning a god).

Age of Serpents (unknown)
Among the first of Golarion’s great empires was that of the serpentfolk (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 242). By the time Azlant rose to power, the serpentfolk were already one of humanity’s greatest enemies.

Age of Legend (unknown)
The first, and arguably the greatest, of humanity’s civilizations was the continental empire of Azlant, a realm of powerful magic and technology whose secrets are still valued today. The empire of Thassilon rose near the end of the Age of Legend, founded by exiles from Azlant and ruled by wizards known as Runelords. When the people of Azlant grew too proud of their deeds, their old aboleth enemies decided to end things on their own terms by destroying Azlant by using powerful magic to cause Earthfall.

The Age of Darkness (–5293 AR to –4295 AR)
–5293 Earthfall. Falling stars destroy Azlant and the Starstone creates the Inner Sea, ushering in the Age of Darkness. The elves depart Golarion.
–5102 The orcs break through to the surface world and rampage across much of Avistan, driven upward as the dwarves tunnel toward the surface in their Quest for Sky.
–4987 The dwarves fulfill The Quest for Sky, emerging for the first time upon the surface of Golarion.

Age of Anguish (–4294 AR to –3471 AR)
–4294 The Age of Darkness draws to a close. Humanity begins rebuilding civilization.
–4202 The gnome race, fleeing an unknown terror from the First World, arrives in various locations throughout the Inner Sea region where the boundaries between dimensions have worn thin.
–4120 Founding of the Jistka Imperium.
–3923 The Pit of Gormuz opens in central Casmaron, disgorging the Spawn of Rovagug upon the surface of Golarion for the first time.
–3502 Old-Mage Jatembe and his Ten Magic Warriors bring the light of learning back to a world overcome with fear and despair in the deep Mwangi Expanse. His discoveries will eventually inspire the flying cities of the Shory empire.

Age of Destiny (–3470 AR to –1 AR)
–3470 Ancient Osirion is founded.
–3300 Betrayal by powerful outsider allies and raids from desert nomads weaken Jistka.
–3250 Desert nomads form the Tekritanin League.
–3000 Osirion is at its height under the reign of the God-Kings.
–2764 The Jistka Imperium collapses in a prolonged series of succession wars.
–2323 Shory aeromancers, working from thousand-year-old traditions begun by Old-Mage Jatembe, establish Kho as the first of their legendary flying cities.
–1498 The Four Pharaohs of Ascension join forces to rule Osirion, initiating that empire’s Second Age.
–1452 The armies of the Four Pharaohs break the Tekritanin League, absorbing some city-states and razing others.
–1431 The power of the Four Pharaohs breaks, and Osirion again slips into decline.
–1281 Taldor is founded, eventually growing into an empire that dominates southern Avistan and much of the Inner Sea.
–892 The wizard-kings Nex and Geb go to war with each other in a conflict that lasts more than a thousand years.
–841 Osirion fails to replace the assassinated governor of Thuvia, effectively ceding the province to barbarism.
–632 The Tarrasque, greatest of the Spawn of Rovagug, destroys Ninshabur and devastates Avistan until it is defeated and sealed away in a hidden cavern.
–473 The Linnorm King Ulvass discovers Arcadia, establishing the colony of Valenhall as an earthly paradise.
–43 Soldiers of Kelesh claim Qadira in the name of Padishah Emperor Adalan IV.

Age of Enthronement (1 ar to 4605 AR)
1 Aroden, the Last Azlanti, raises the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea and becomes a living god. Absalom is founded.
23 First Siege of Absalom—Warlord Voradni Voon’s illplanned siege fails catastrophically.
37 Taldor’s First Army of Exploration destroys the Goroth Lodge in the Verduran Forest and charts the Sellen River as far north as Sevenarches.
166 Nex unsuccessfully sieges Absalom, creating the infamous Spire of Nex.
253 Nex captures the Isle of Jalmeray.
499 Taldor’s Second Army of Exploration pushes north beyond Lake Encarthan.
563 Khiben-Sald, the legendary Maharaja of Vudra, spends a decade on the Nexian Isle of Jalmeray, bringing Vudran culture to the Inner Sea.
576 Nex vanishes from his capital in Quantium during a Gebbite attack that kills thousands.
632 Geb attempts to escape Golarion in an act of ritual suicide, but soon returns as a ghost.
896 Aroden mortally wounds the wizard-king Tar-Baphon on the Isle of Terror.
1520 Taldor’s Third Army of Exploration conquers the northern shore of the Inner Sea; Corentyn is founded.
1532 Qadiran operatives topple the decadent Pharaoh Menedes XXVI, establishing the first in a long line of foreign rulers over Osirion.
1551 The Glorious Empire of Tar Taargadth collapses when orc raiders launch massive assaults against the Sky Citadels, conquering several of them and throwing the dwarves into uncharacteristic chaos for several years.
1571 The First Five Kings War erupts, engulfing all of the Five Kings Mountains and many of the surrounding human settlements.
1683 Taldor’s Fourth Army of Exploration maps and claims the lands that will one day become Andoran.
1707 Andoran is founded as a province of Taldor when General Khastalus of Corentyn clears much of the Arthfell Forest and establishes Augustana.
1893 Norgorber passes the Test of the Starstone, following Aroden’s path to divinity.
1975 Ulfen longships raid heavily along the west coast of Avistan and in the region now known as Cheliax.
2009 Taldor’s Fifth Army of Exploration expands throughout the River Kingdoms and brushes against the wilds of Iobaria.
2089 Taldor’s Sixth Army of Exploration loses a powerful magical siege engine known as the Worldbreaker to the Gorilla King in a disastrous attempt to tame the Mwangi Expanse.
2133 Taldor’s Seventh Army of Exploration pacifies the Isgeri tribe of Kellids inhabiting the valleys between the Menador and Five King Mountains, forming the protectorate of Isger to capitalize on trade from Druma and inner Avistan.
2187 The teachings of Irori reach mainland Tian Xia.
2217 The cult of Sarenrae flourishes in Osirion, threatening the Qadiran satrap, who banishes the zealots to the western deserts.
2253 The resurgent Cult of the Dawnflower vanquishes the satrap of Osirion, establishing an independent dynasty of Keleshite sultans.
2332 The Kerse Accord is established in Druma.
2361 Varisian wanderers settle the region know today as Ustalav north of Lake Encarthan.
2498 The Oath Wars begin in northwest Garund. The clergies of Nethys, Norgorber, and Sarenrae vie for dominance.
2555 The city of Azir exiles all clerics, burns their temples, and enacts the Laws of Man.
2560 The bloody Oath Wars come to an end as the Laws of Man spread throughout the region. The Red Mantis flees Rahadoum to establish a new base of operations on Mediogalti Island.
2632 The elves return en masse to Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone in Kyonin.
2742 The Choking Death spreads west from Iobaria, devastating human populations throughout northeastern Avistan.
2765 In Absalom, Cayden Cailean drunkenly survives the Test of the Starstone.
2822 Vudrani rajahs wrest control of Jalmeray from the decadent Arclords of Nex.
2920 A violent earthquake rocks Qadira and Taldor, killing tens of thousands in both nations.
3001 Daralathyxl, known as the Sixth King or Emperor of the Mountains, arrives at the Five Kings Mountains.
3007 Cheliax is founded as the western frontier of Taldor.
3129 Assassins murder Grand Prince Jalrune of Taldor.
3203 Tar-Baphon returns to life as the Whispering Tyrant. The lich king unifies the orc hordes of Belkzen and terrorizes central Avistan.
3250 Katapesh becomes a nation.
3313 The nation of Irrisen is born when the Witch Queen Baba Yaga conquers the eastern reach of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.
3332 The famed dwarven engineers of Jernashall, within Droskar’s Crag, create the first successful and safe magmafall in the middle of their city.
3616 In Tian Xia, the Perfect Swordswoman, Setsuna Kuga, leads the armies of the Minkai against the forces of the Teikoku Shogunate in the Battle of Eight Bridges. With the shogun’s forces routed, Minkai’s armies march upon the old capital and raze it.
3619 The Minkai Empire is established in Tian Xia. Kasai is named the new capital.
3754 Taldor launches the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant.
3801 The Shining Crusade secures a beachhead on the northern shore of Lake Encarthan, in Ustalav.
3818 The Knights of Ozem summon Arazni, the warrior goddess Herald of Aroden.
3823 Tar-Baphon humiliates and kills Arazni.
3827 The Whispering Tyrant is imprisoned in Gallowspire.
3828 The Shining Crusade officially comes to an end with the founding of Lastwall, a holding of Taldor tasked with watching over the prison of the Whispering Tyrant.
3832 Iomedae, heroine of the Shining Crusade, successfully attempts the Test of the Starstone and becomes Aroden’s Herald.
3980 The Rending. Droskar’s Crag erupts, rocking much of southern Avistan and causing widespread
4043 Kazavon drives the Belkzen orcs from western Ustalav.
4079 The Qadiran army crosses Taldor’s southern border.
4081 Chelish King Aspex the Even-Tongued breaks from Taldor, claiming Andoran and the winged folk of the Devil’s Perch by diplomacy and Galt and Isger by force. The decade-long power grab becomes known as the Even-Tongued Conquest, and greatly undermines Taldan influence throughout western Avistan.
4113 Karas “the Falcon” Novotnian enters Darkmoon Vale and begins pacifying the region.
4137 Under the banner of the mad prince Haliad I, Cheliax unsuccessfully sieges Absalom for the first time. Gains in Garund, however, grant Cheliax complete control of the Arch of Aroden, cementing a naval supremacy that remains to this day.
4138 Cheliax establishes the colony of Sargava on Garund’s western coast.
4142 Imperial Lung Wa is established in Tian Xia, uniting 10 of the 16 Kingdoms of Shu.
4217 The Yellowtongue Sickness ravages Avistan.
4275 A powerful earthquake off the coast of Vudra causes devastating flooding in coastal areas, killing thousands.
4300 The efreeti warlord Jhavhul is imprisoned on the slopes of Pale Mountain at the conclusion of the Genie Wars by the Templars of the Five Winds.
4305 King Haliad III of Cheliax launches the Wars of Expansion to broaden the empire’s northern borders by claiming land in Molthune and Varisia. This struggle lasts more than a century and spans the reign of five Chelish monarchs, eventually becoming known as the Everwar.
4307 The Pathfinder Society is founded in Absalom.
4317 Pathfinder Durvin Gest explores significant portions of the ruins of Azlant.
4329 Geb petrifies the invading army of the Pirate Queen Mastrien Slash, creating the Field of Maidens.
4332 Durvin Gest casts the Lens of Galundari into the Nemesis Well near Osibu.
4338 Nidal falls to Cheliax.
4369 Ordrik Talhirk murders his cousin and seizes the throne of the Five Kings, triggering the Forge War.
4382 The Forge War ends with Ordrik’s triumph.
4407 Cheliax founds Korvosa in the northern frontier region of Varisia.
4410 Cheliax cedes territorial ambitions in Varisia and Belkzen, officially ending the Everwar.
4466 Ordrik’s theocracy crumbles.
4499 Choral the Conqueror carves Brevoy from the corpses of Rostland and Issia.
4507 The Chelish army at Korvosa forces the Shoanti barbarians to retreat to the Storval Plateau.
4508 Forest King Narven dies in the Arthfell Forest.
4576 The first Hellknight order, the Order of the Rack, is founded in Westcrown.
4584 Chelish explorers from Korvosa settle Magnimar.
4588 Alkenstar, fleeing persecution from Nex, enters the Mana Wastes and discovers Dongun Hold.
4601 The Duchy of Alkenstar is founded—construction of the Gunworks begins.
4603 Taldor and Qadira reach an uneasy peace.
4605 King Gaspodar of Cheliax prepares for the prophesied manifestation of Aroden, foretold to mark the advent of the Age of Glory.

Age of Lost Omens (4606 AR to ????)
4606 Aroden dies, leaving the Empire of Cheliax without a divine mandate. The Eye of Abendego forms off of Garund’s northwestern coast, drowning the nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. The Worldwound opens in the north, consuming the barbarian kingdom of Sarkoris. Storms wrack the Inner Sea region for several weeks.
4608 Thousands abandon Korvosa for Magnimar.
4609 Osirians overthrow their Keleshite masters and Prince Khemet I takes control, citing a bloodline that dates back to the ancient pharaohs. Ulizmila, reportedly the granddaughter of Baba Yaga, arrives in Darkmoon Vale.
4613 Baba Yaga installs her daughter Elvanna as sovereign of Irrisen.
4615 The astrological philosophers of Lirgen take their own lives after evacuating their people from what becomes known as the Sodden Lands.
4620 The Gunworks of Alkenstar are completed—the first firearms begin emerging from Alkenstar to be purchased by rich collectors and curious scholars.
4622 The faltering Church of Aroden launches the First Mendevian Crusade.
4632 The province of Molthune declares its independence from Cheliax.
4638 Drezen falls to Worldwound demons. The Second Mendevian Crusade begins.
4640 Diabolists of the House of Thrune seize control of Cheliax, brutally ending 3 decades of vicious civil war. A dark shadow envelops the empire.
4648 The northern half of Molthune rebels against the avaricious nobles in Canorate.
4655 The conflict in Molthune ends with the founding of Nirmathas. Irgal Nirmath is assassinated.
4661 Razmiran is established.
4665 The third Mendevian Crusade begins.
4667 The Red Revolution begins in Galt.
4669 The People’s Revolt transforms Andoran.
4672 Razmir founds Thronestep.
4674 The pirates of the Shackles unite under one banner to harass the fleets and merchants of the north.
4676 Shadow beasts first appear in Westcrown.
4682 Queen Domina of Korvosa gains the service of the Hellknight Order of the Nail.
4695 A contingent of 173 heavy cavalry from Lastwall routs Warlord Graukrad’s force of 2,000 orcs.
4696 The Beast of Bloodcove, huge froghemoth, claims 204 victims over the course of a record hot summer.
4697 The Goblinblood Wars shake Isger.
4698 A terrible earthquake rocks Absalom.
4699 The royal house of Rogarvia vanishes in Brevoy, leaving the nation in turmoil. House Surtova takes the contested crown. The great wyrm red dragon Daralathyxl makes his last appearance.
4700 Over the course of the month of Rova, the eyeless bodies of 13 krakens wash up on the western shores of the Isle of Kortos.
4701 Gnolls surge from White Canyon in Katapesh, attempting to enslave the population of Solku.
4702 The runelords stir to life in Varisia. In the sleepy town of Sandpoint, gifted artist Jervis Stoot murders 25 men, women, and children.
4703 The Night Terror, a Chelish merchant ship thought lost to the Eye of Abendego years ago, is found adrift off the Andoren coast in pristine condition but with its entire crew missing.
4704 White Estrid defeats Boiltongue and becomes a Linnorm King; her use of strange weapons that she claims were gifts from “earth spirits” enrages other rulers of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.
4705 The Gray Corsairs sink three Katapeshi slave galleons and freeing the slaves in the Inner Sea.
4706 Followers of the Gorilla King behead 17 missionaries and Aspis Consortium merchants in the Mwangi Expanse.
4707 Adventurers reopen Bloodsworn Vale. Pharaoh Khemet III opens the ruins of Osirion to foreign explorers. Heroes save the town of Sandpoint and the surrounding region from the return of the Runelord of Greed, Karzoug the Claimer.
4708 An aging King Eodred retreats from rule of Korvosa, leaving his untested young wife, Queen Ileosa, in charge of Varisia’s largest city. Later that year King Eodred II dies and his wife Queen Ileosa ascends the throne.
4709 Heroes undermine the Queen of Korvosa and discover devilish forces to be at work. They free the Queen from an artifact known as the Crown of Fangs. This artifact when combined with 6 others is thought to bring back the dread blue dragon Kazavon. Seeking to destroy the artifact, these hereos sought an angelic answer to this devilish question and traversed to the heavens.
4710 A monstrous metal scorpion capable of spitting fire from its mouth and tail destroys several villages in western Numeria—the beast retreats into the Felldales after harvesting dozens of living prisoners.
4711 Many travelers of the Inner Sea report sightings of an immense blue dragon flying north from Thuvia toward Avistan—later that year, several remote villages in Isger, Druma, and Molthune are mysteriously destroyed by fire and lightning.
4715 Event's of Trials of the Privateers(good characters) begin here.
4739 Event's of Temptation's Vengaence(evil characters) begin here.

More events will be filled in during the time between games, but i don't want to spoil too much right away. I do not have a definitive time for the religious game yet, so wait and see...


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